Posted on Sep 1, 2019

Nyrie Roos

Yesterday I was talking with a #marketingmanager we do consultancy work for.

They grew the #eCommerce business over the years and tried all kinds of funnels, pay per click and marketing tactics.

Some worked well for a time, and then some had mixed results.

She had seen us continue to grow, and wanted to know the “master plan” behind it all to get such consistent growth.

At one point she asked me,

“What is the first thing you would you do in my role?”

I responded with;
'the first thing that I would do is take stock of all the questions, misconceptions, doubts, & fears that customers have before they buy.'

All the stuff they need answers to before they buy, that is preventing them from buying, that they ask you on the phone before they sign up.

Then take all those answers that you have in your head, write them down and put them...


Now, instead of you explaining these things every single time, your potential buyers can find them when they search online.

They’ll find your articles, get answers, start trusting you as the authority and click over to your products pages.

This is inbound marketing & SEO at it’s finest...

...that is the core of growth online today, eCommerce or not! #marketingcampaigns
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