Posted on Sep 18, 2019

Nyrie Roos

It seems 3 out of 5 companies I talk are doing a #websiteredesign.

Times & consumer expectations are continually changing. People just can’t get enough.”

Because the way consumer’s discern the importance of having a GREAT website has never been so high. And the bar will only continue to be raised.

Search engines and consumers alike get smarter.

That’s the world in which we’re all a part of.

That being said, here are five website features I feel are a must for success.

#1 a home page with immediate answers

“I want to find what I’m looking for, and I want to find it quickly.”

#2 an education/learning/knowledge center

Just having a “blog” isn’t enough. Have educational #content in a range of forms.

#3 About pages

Tell a story in the process.

Most companies have an “about” page of some type on their website, but where's the know, like, and trust?

#4 The visual learner

Use a mix of video, photo, & text.

#5 The pricing section(s)

Do you put your actual prices or not on your website is up to you? Ask a room of 100 people how they feel when they go to a website & struggle to find price information. What are you hiding?

The majority of “new and improved” #websites I see are no more than a better-looking version of their previous chaos. Really think end-user! #UI
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